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Large Hat Box

Large Hat Box

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Large hat boxes in pillar-box red stacked high to the roof top and featuring the Christys' London name stamped in gold on the side are a familiar sight in ateliers around the globe. The large red hat box is tall enough for two top hats. Otherwise perfect for storing a number of fedoras, pork pies, bowlers or panamas. At Tails and the Unexpected we store up to five hats when the sizes are tiered and the hats fit within one another, otherwise we store two to three hats of the same size top to tail.

Christys' of London, making hats and hat boxes in England since 1773.

Sizing: height - 12 3/4in (32cm), width at narrowest part of the oval - 11 3/4in (30cm), length at longest part of the oval - 13 1/2in (34 1/2cm), weight - 420g