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Slimline Knife

Slimline Knife

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The Opinel Slimline series of knives use solid bubinga wood for the handle and the blades are made from mirror-polished stainless steel. The chromium in the steel stops the blade from rusting when exposed to wet environments. The viroblock safety ring allows the blade to be locked safely open or closed while in use or stored in your sack. These knives are ideal for fish preparation, and a great instrument for chefs.

The Opinel family were Blacksmiths from the early 19th Century based in the Maurienne region of South East France. However, it wasn't until Joseph Opinel went against the advice of his father and created the first Opinel knife models in 1890 that the Opinel was born. The Opinel tradition is based upon, 'good sense, the feeling of comfort when gripped, and the convenience of being able to put it in your pocket'. This gradually determined the overall shape of the Opinel knife. Although simple in appearance, Opinel knives are renowned for their quality. It is the combination of simplicity of aesthetics, quality and functionality that has led the Opinel to such success. The Opinel can be seen in New York's Museum of Modern Art and in 1985, The Victoria and Albert Museum in London selected it for 'The Good Design Guide', which brought together the most beautiful top 100 products in the world. The Crowned Hand trademark of Opinel can be seen on every Opinel knife, and today they are distributed all over the world.


Opinel Slimline 80SL - 3in / 8cm

Opinel Slimline 100SL - 4in / 10cm

Opinel Slimline 120SL - 4.75in / 12cm

Opinel Slimline 150SL - 6in / 15cm

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