Blue Hat Box | Small
Blue Hat Box | Small

Blue Hat Box | Small

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Olney hatboxes in the rich navy blue with the gold embossed lettering can be seen lining the walls of gentlemen's outfitters around the world. Olney's small blue hat box has extra width making it perfect for the wider brim panamas and fedoras, especially in the larger sizes (upwards of 7 5/8in). The small blue hat box is suitable for storing one hat. Olney have designed a single hat box that is oval in shape. It is a couple of inches greater in width and length than its Christys' counterpart. The small blue hat box is ideal for keeping the dust off your panama or trilby hat.

Olney Headwear, making hats and hat boxes in England since 1910.

Sizing: height - 6 3/8in (16cm), width - 14in (35.5cm), length - 14 7/8in (38cm), weight - 370g